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Designing Our Space

When we set out on a project, we jointly come up with a crazy goal, and then I come up with a crazy design which my husband then builds. It works for us. Our current goal for our living space is an affordable, off-grid, low-ecological impact, creature comforts machine. Eventually, we’d like to build our house. We’re hoping to do that in 5-7 years, after we have saved the capital and learned as much as we can about off-grid, low-impact, homestead living. In the meantime, we rent. I’ve been chewing away at the best design for our space. The house we rent is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1200 sqft 1960s house with an attached 468 sqft garage on a 6000 sqft lot. We are allowed to do some things like paint and garden, but anything we do should be possible to undo unless we check it with our landlord first (getting rid of the lawn is out, sadly). Continue reading

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