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East Bay Agroecobotics

In the 5 years since we last posted anything, we’ve bought a small house near to where we were renting, and added two children, chickens, a 4-H club, another cat, and a minivan to our lives. Our new space has plenty of backyard space which is divided into the east side and west side by a deck. The west side was almost entirely lawn when we moved in and the east side had raised, irrigated beds which we promptly planted with enough food that we had to cancel our weekly farm box. Unfortunately, pregnancy and new jobs (paid and unpaid) resulted in a lack of time for the garden and it has been taken over by weeds. We’re finally getting back on the horse and have been working on both projects and refining our vision for our future.

We want to develop and live on a sustainable, biodiverse farm easily accessible to residents of Livermore and the surrounding area. We would pursue carbon sequestration via restorative agriculture, intensive farming enabled by automation and agrobotics, and community supported agriculture. Our farm would be a place for ecotourism, agroecology education, and demonstrating and testing strategies for growing food in a changing climate.

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Experimenting with Drone Photography

We will be using educational drones as part of an upcoming 4-H project on agricultural robots. It’s a low cost Parrot Mambo drone which doesn’t have a very good camera but it’s good enough to illustrate the concept and has a block programming interface.

These are some “before” images ahead of our plans to get land back into production shape this fall.

It appears that the camera does not have an IR cut filter which is great because it means I can add an Infragram filter and hopefully get some chlorophyl images.

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