Transforming our house into an urban hacker farm

I’m not entirely sure when we decided that we wanted to have an urban hacker farm. When we used to talk about where and how we wanted to live, those terms hadn’t made it into our vocabularies yet. We would talk about the virtues of high density living, not owning a car, and community shared resources. We envisioned ourselves living in a comfortable three-bedroom apartment or condo with sufficient space to entertain 12 for dinner, having access to a community room for larger gatherings, getting our food from a CSA or community farm, actively participating in a Jewish community while supporting Haystack at a UU community, and biking or taking public transit to everything from quality museums and performances to the grocery store. We imagined that this would be the ultimate environment both for sustainable living and to form a village in which to raise our children and grow old in.

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This entry was posted on June 20, 2013, in Archive.